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 Lines Of Credit are perfect for when business conditions change, unexpected issues arise, or windows of opportunity open.  Are you prepared to deal with these occurrences? Thousands of business owners have learned that with a business line of credit they are!  As financing experts, we understand the unique needs of business owners and the daily challenges they face.  That's why we have partnered with Select Lenders as well State Chartered Community Banks some of which have been funding small business owners for the past 20-30 years all across the nation.  Due to our multiple partnerships & close relationships, we have access to flexible and customizable solutions designed to meet the broad array of business owner needs!

What Is A Line Of Credit?

Lines Of Credit give you access to funds up to your approved credit limit which can be borrowed and paid back multiple times while only paying interest on the money you borrow deposited straight into your business checking account. Unlike a term loan where you receive a one-time lump sum and would have to reapply for a brand new loan every time you needed additional capital, Credit Lines are a flexible and typically unsecured way to borrow money offering fixed terms and rates all while allowing you to scale your business without being hindered by unexpected hiccups along the way.  Being able to draw on the funds as you need them can be an essential lifeline for your business.  

What Can A Credit Line Be Used For?


Inventory Financing, Expansion Projects, Opening Another Location, Equipment Financing, 

Renovations & Remodels, Pay For Franchise Obligations, Business Licenses, Buy-Out Business Partner,

 Cash Flow Stabilization, Paying Off/ Consolidating Debt, 

Many More Uses!

24-48 Hour Approvals!  Simple Underwriting!   Fast Funding!

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Our 3 Step Process:

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1. Apply

First, fill out our pre-qual questionnaire. From there we will evaluate & determine which loan & funding products your business could qualify for and benefit from most while aligning with your goals & priorities. THEN we will proceed with the application process.

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2. We review your application

After having reviewed your goals, application, and supporting documentation, we will present you with programs matching your specific needs & providing offers within 24 hours & even same-day depending on the type of financing.

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3. Receive funding

Choose the offer(s) that fit you best and receive your funding right away deposited straight into your bank



You are now properly fueled to grow, scale, & expand your business to the Next Level!